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Cajun Koi is the academy to learn skills to help you navigate the digital future. We help educational creators and entrepreneurs build a career online. Our methods combine science and gamification in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience.


Meet the Creators

"Hey, we’re Mike and Matty, the brothers and founders of Cajun Koi.

We grew up in California with a traditional Asian American upbringing. Our tiger mom showered us with all the typical stuff: karate, Kumon, playing piano at the age of 5, getting good grades, and becoming doctors. In our free time we'd binge video games and anime. It was a good life, no doubt, but it was always about conforming to "the system."

"Musicians are starving artists," we were told. 

"No sports, unless it gets you into college."

"Asians don't become movie stars."

The life before us only had a set number of paths. 

But things have changed.

We now live in a world where kids grow up with ipads and pick the career of a Youtuber over a doctor... 

Anyways, that's a tangent for another time. Back to our story. Somewhere along the way, we both got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. This revived our creative side- the side of us that was abandoned with our childhood dreams. And it felt amazing. Despite how draining our day jobs were at the hospital, we couldn't wait to come home and create content and build our business. At first, we just needed an outlet to "be ourselves" and pursue our passions. But our work resonated with like-minded people all over the world. We realized that it was possible to build a life of autonomy and financial freedom online. Eventually, we made the most difficult decision of our lives: to leave medicine and pursue online entrepreneurship full-time. 

Despite what society tells us, there is no “right” path to take. The path isn't even what's important. It's the mindsets, skills, and experiences we develop along the way that matter.

It has never been easier to build an online career doing what you're good at and pursuing your passion. Be built Cajun Koi to make the process repeatable and enjoyable for you. And coming from medicine, we make sure that our approach is grounded in science and practicality. We're documenting and systematizing all the tools and strategies we learned along the way so that you can get there faster. 

Hope to see you inside the community!

-Mike and Matty

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