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Study Quest is a new proven system for scoring higher while studying less, so that you have more time for what matters most. We combine evidence-based learning with gamification to make learning fun again.

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    Learning how to learn can completely change your life


    Hey, Mike and Matty here ✌️

    We’re brothers who both left our careers as medical doctors to teach learning skills. It sounds crazy, but we did it for a reason: Learning how to learn completely changed our lives. It has made us better students, doctors, creators, entrepreneurs, and educators. This is why we’ve made it our mission to share our learning skills with as many people as possible.

    We started off as your average Asian kids growing up in California. Our tiger mom sent us to karate, piano lessons, and Kumon (the usual).

    Life was all about getting good grades. No dating, no sports (unless you get a scholarship), and of course always being compared to our amazing cousin.

    We did good in school, but it took a lot of motivation, and every day felt like a drag.

    Breaking the cycle

    When we went to college and had more freedom to do what we wanted, we both (not coincidentally) became addicted to video games.

    We’d play 4+ hours a day at times, and when we fell behind in school, we had to work harder to catch up. But this vicious cycle lead to bad grades, overwhelm, demotivation, and eventually burnout.

    But then we had a realization.

    Why do we have so much resistance to studying, but we never need motivation or discipline to play video games?

    Why is the vibe always “how to trick my brain into doing things I hate?”

    The truth is, the brain loves to learn. But school doesn’t teach us how to learn. The system is designed to make it feel like a chore. We have homework. We have to take pointless classes. And taking exams rely heavily on tedious memorization.

    And frankly, it just sucks all the fun out of learning.

    So what’s the cheat code?

    No one struggles with procrastination when it comes to watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. Because it’s fun.

    The secret is how do we make studying fun?

    We became obsessed with this mission, and this is how Study Quest was created.

    Over the past 10 years we’ve researched, implemented, and coached students on learning science, cognitive psychology, and even combined gamification theory to make learning feel like an adventure that never ends.

    Because learning doesn’t end after you graduate. Ultimately, it’s not about getting better grades. It’s about pursuing your curiosity, and building a life doing what you love.

    The ability to learn faster allowed us to grow our YouTube channel to over a million subscribers, and grow a business to making more money than we ever did working full time as doctors. Learning how to learn was a meta skill that compounded and enriched every aspect of our lives.

    But we all knew that. The key is, how do we stick with it long enough so that this comes true?


    Guided Video Lessons and Worksheets

    Dr. Mike and Dr. Matty will be your guides as you learn evidence based study techniques through practical exercises.

    Live Calls and Group Sessions

    Apply what you learn to your IRL school work. (Sessions are optional and recorded for your convenience).

    Progress Tracking

    In depth assessments on your study systems for targeted improvement. 


    Quest 1: Unlock Your Mind


    Lesson topics:


    • Take control and start to enjoy the learning process again

    • Find the study techniques that work for your brain

    • Design a personalized system that gives you repeatable results

    Quest 2: Discover Your Flow


    Lesson topics:


    • Train your focus muscle so that you can get productive when it counts

    • Build a flexible study system that adapts when you fall behind

    • Establish work life balance in your busy schedule

    Quest 3: Level Up Your Learning


    Lesson topics:


    • Use evidence based techniques to learn faster

    • Easily retain knowledge for longer

    • Consistently score in the top 1-5% without all the stress

    Wall of Love

    Study Quest is risk free. If you are not 100% happy with your experience, then you can send us an email within 7 days of purchase, and we’ll happily refund your entire payment.






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