How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs


We all live in our own bubbles. The bubble of the mind. This is how we see ourselves and the world, what we perceive to be, or not to be, possible.

But imagine if that bubble were formed from feelings of doubt and worthlessness. That you’re not good enough or that you’re not deserving of love. Every day would be a living nightmare. We all struggle with negative beliefs, but we don’t need to allow those thoughts to shape our reality. Understanding where these beliefs come from is the first step in clearing our cloudy lens.

Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who spent his career helping patients reshape their physical appearance. He observed that no matter how dramatic the transformation, many of his patients couldn’t find happiness after their surgeries. He realized that people’s negative beliefs don’t arise from the facts of their experience but more so from their reactions to those facts. When something bad happens to you, the severity of that event is less important than the way you choose to react to that event. And the ability to choose how you react is what gives you power over your own beliefs and self-image.

What are some steps we can take to start changing the bubble we create for our minds?

  1. Knowledge is power: most limiting beliefs stem from a lack of knowledge. Instead of focusing on the feeling of "I can't," dig deeper to find the answer to “Why can’t I?” It’s not about whether you can or can’t pass organic chemistry or whether you can or can’t get into law school. It’s about why you can’t at the moment. What knowledge are you missing? Find the logical gaps in your understanding and learn your way out of this rut.
  2. Redefine success: Our definition of success sometimes sets us up for failure. By redefining what success means to you, you can remove the fear of failure from the equation. Focus on progress, not perfection, and remember that a step in the wrong direction is better than standing still.
  3. Present new evidence: Limiting beliefs are often based on outdated interpretations of ourselves. A failure or rejection in the past does not guarantee that it will happen again. Time passes, and you continue to grow and evolve. Don’t use results from a previous belief to dictate your life going forward. Keep a record of your accomplishments to build a library of evidence that proves you're capable of more than you once thought. By unearthing new evidence that challenges those beliefs, you can see past your limitations and seize control.





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