How to Master Multiple Subjects in Limited Time

You stand poised in the middle of an orchard clutching a watering can. Surrounding you are trees of all varieties. Some trees tower high and pierce the clouds, others are entrenched with deep roots. But every one of them yearns for nourishment just the same. With only so much water in your can, how will you proceed?

Imagine that each tree in this orchard represents a memory or a piece of knowledge you have to learn and remember. Then the act of reviewing for an exam is like watering these trees. We only have so much time to review, which means we only have so much water to feed the trees. How do you decide which trees get water?

You ration it based on the trees’ needs. Some trees, deeply rooted with lush canopies, represent the topics you’ve mastered. They can go a bit longer without water. On the other hand, the more fragile trees, the ones with the brittle branches, represent those challenging topics that might need a little more attention.

Just as no two trees are the same, no two topics or memories are alike. Some memories decay faster than others. Some topics are more important than others. Some require frequent nurturing, while others remain deeply ingrained with minimal attention. Your goal is not to evenly distribute the water, but to nurture each tree according to its needs, ensuring a thriving orchard come exam day.

But here’s the trick: You won’t know which ones need the most nourishment unless you’re continually evaluating their health—or in study terms, your confidence levels in various topics.

It might seem daunting. How can you possibly keep track of the health of each tree in this expansive orchard of knowledge? We use the GROW method, which is a way to schedule your studies while tracking your confidence levels. It's a simple system to use, which we've explained in this video below.

We've also made a Notion template to help you implement the method with ease. It's free to download, and over 100,000 students have been loving it ever since its first release.





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