Introducing the 4-Week Focus Challenge!

Starting on May 13th until June 10th, we challenge you to join us and develop a habit of Focus!

Imagine a life where distractions fade into the background and productivity becomes your new norm. Achieving your goals with precision and discovering an empowered version of yourself! That's what you unlock when you build a Focus habit.
Accept the challenge and get to building now with our 4-Week Focus Challenge!

Rules of the challenge:

🚀 Commit to Your Growth: 
You must invest in your personal and professional development. Your dedication is the cornerstone of this journey.

🎯 Goal:
Complete at least 20 focus sessions during the Challenge period (May 13th - June 10th)

⭐️ Accountability:
A public leaderboard will track your progress along the way, and you can see how your fellow challengers are progressing with you

🧠 Daily Sessions:
Connect with fellow challengers and our team while we focus together in our dedicated community space for weekday focus sessions

🎉 Celebrate Progress:
Every 5 days that you complete a 25-minute Focus Session, you earn a new avatar item from the Focus Mastery Bundle! Complete the Challenge by reaching 20 days to earn your money back! Together, we will celebrate each milestone reached

The Focus Mastery Bundle:

This is a collection of rewards earned through dedication and perseverance in the 4-Week Challenge. Each reward represents a unique Avatar Skin, empowering you to conquer distractions and harness the power of focus like never before.

  • Week 1 - Focus Fang
  • Week 2 - Focus Ranger
  • Week 3 - Focus Guardian 
  • Week 4 - Focus Mage

Are you ready to wield your chosen weapon and become a productivity champion?

Join the 4-Week Focus Challenge today and earn your place among other Focus Masters!

Get ready to unlock your full potential, cultivate laser-sharp focus, and make strides toward the life you envision.
Let's embark on this journey together and discover the joy of becoming our most productive selves!

How it works:

Step 1: Accept the Challenge!
(If you are already enrolled in Study Quest, then you are automatically signed up!)

Step 2: Visit one of the focus rooms below

Step 3: Complete one 25-minute Focus session while signed in to your account
(If you linked your Discord profile to your account, you can join us at one of the weekday sessions hosted by the team on Discord)

Check the leaderboard to verify that your progress was recorded
(Allow up to 24 hours for the leaderboard to update)

Every 5 days that you complete a Focus session you earn a new item from the Avatar Skin Pack

Complete 20 days to finish the Challenge and earn your money back! 





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